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The Pearce Collective is an Australian based singer/songwriter sibling duo. Their music is a combination of folk, country, blues and roots, with poignant lyrics and stirring melodies that speak to the heart. 

Carol and Michael Pearce, have been singing and writing music for 20 years. Drawing on a rich tapestry of life experiences. Their lyrics and melodies are infused with joyful reflections and bittersweet memories – a tribute to people and places that have made an impact on their lives.

The sudden loss of their Mum in 2016 was the catalyst to reconnection and the start of The Pearce Collective.  First debuting in 2021 they have played a number of shows in Melbourne – drawing in and mesmerising audiences with their honest and raw storytelling.


  • Finalist in 2022 Roddy Read Memorial Songwriting Contest - Maldon Folk Festival

  • Top 10 Finalist in the Australian Songwriters Association Awards for ‘Moonglow’ (2021)

  • Top 30 Finalist in the Australian Songwriters Association Awards for ‘Don’t Ask Twice’ (2016)

  • Top 10 Finalist in the Australian Songwriter Association Awards for ‘Hummingbird’ (2015)

  • Carol Pearce - Top 10 Finalist for RMIT Business Awards Frilly May’s Musical Day (2015)

  • Carol Pearce – Co-writer and Producer for children’s album ‘Frilly May’s Musical Day’ (2013)  

  • Michael Pearce – Graduate from RMIT Music (Technical Production) (2000)


The Pearce Collective will release their first official single from their debut EP "Circles' in Nov 2022 produced, recorded and mixed with multi -award winning producer, composer and songwriter Jan Skubiszewski from Red Moon Studio's.  A stalwart of the Australian Music Scene Jan has worked has worked with an array of Australian artists including John Butler, Dan Sultan, Gang of Youths, Meg Mac and The Cat Empire.

"Circles" is a celebration of both artists coming full circle, back to their roots with a renewed sense of purpose, wisdom and life experience that is channelled through their sophisticated songcraft.

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